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PR: TimePanic Offers Portable Time Tracking on USB Drives
For immediate release

July 4, 2007

Press Contact:
Lionel Spohr

TimePanic Offers Portable Time Tracking on USB Drives has announced TimePanic for USB Drives 3.3, new software for portable tracking of working hours. With this program in place, you can easily track time to charge for, or keep a protocol of daily activities for evaluation and improvement of personal productivity.

TimePanic for USB Drives enables users to track working hours in real time automatically, instead of writing down the start and end time of the working day from memory. The program will track time on a per project basis, let users enter comments, manage absences, calculate overtime and create printable reports in HTML format. In order to calculate overtime, the program lets users specify planned working hours and public holidays and allows recording annual leave, sick leave and flextime. Basically, it takes only one click to finish the current activity and start a new one. If users often shut down the computer or put it in hibernation or standby during work, and resume work at the computer later the same day, TimePanic can be set to count downtime as working time.

Apart of the basic features, the software has some unique ones that make it stand out from other time tracking tools. For example, TimePanic can calculate the so-called E-factor, a metric introduced by Tom DeMarco and Timothy Lister in their groundbreaking book "Peopleware". This metric measures the ratio of "brain time versus body time". Brain time means being productive, body time stands for being present at work (whether productive or not) and tells users why they "never get anything done around here between 9 and 5".

The product builds on the success of TimePanic for Windows and Pocket PC. Initially designed as a personal utility to help its author track interruptions at work, this program has been evolving over the past 9 years and now stands as a professional general purpose time tracking tool for Windows and Pocket PC. The program supports synchronization via ActiveSync on Windows 2000/XP, or via the Windows Mobile Device Center on Windows Vista. Because synchronization is bidirectional, users can select to use the stationary or mobile time tracking application that fits the current needs best and later synchronize it with the other application.

According to the author, Lionel Spohr, TimePanic for USB Drives follows the popular trend to make personal information managers portable. "The version for USB drives can be considered as a mobile alternative for people who don't have a Pocket PC. They can run it on a USB drive without any installation - the program is distributed as a self-extracting ZIP file and it does not modify the Windows Registry. Thanks to its mobility-oriented nature, TimePanic can be used in places where the corporate policy doesn't allow installing software on the computer. The other important benefit is that people can take their time tracking data to another computer or back home very easily."

Please consult for more information on the product.

Pricing and Availability
TimePanic for USB Drives runs under Windows 2000/XP/2003 Server/Vista and costs 39 Euro for a single user license. The owners of the previous versions of TimePanic software can upgrade to the new version free of charge. Additional information about TimePanic for USB Drives, as well as its 30-day fully functional version is available from

Founded in 2002, the goal of is to help people be more productive at work by tracking their time. The company puts much emphasis on collaboration with customers. Over 90% of all new features and changes are driven by the users many of which have been using TimePanic every day for years. The premier products by include TimePanic for Windows, TimePanic for Windows and Pocket PC and TimePanic for USB drives. More information on the company and its complete product line is available at


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