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PR: Cool Utility Helps You Make Designs People Love
For immediate release

September 18, 2007

Press Contact:
Andrew Revvo

Cool Utility Helps You Make Designs People Love

Have you ever drawn a picture only to discover that you have no talent for graphic arts? Remember how you felt when your client said he wanted his money back because he did not like the design of the website you made for him? Unfortunately, not everyone is born with talent and eye for finesse. However, there are some secrets of beauty that can be learned and one of them - the golden section is now delivered in a small software utility! today announces the immediate availability of Atrise Golden Section 3.0, an interesting gadget that lets you use the golden section formula to construct visually balanced and pleasing websites, software interfaces and make better pictures and artwork. The program is squarely aimed at students and professionals, specializing in industrial design, web art, publishing, interface design, and computer photo processing.

Found in nature as well as the work of man, the golden section or divine proportion is a visually pleasing geometric shape with specific proportions. The golden section was first expressed by the ancient Greek philosopher Euclid over two thousand years ago. This ratio is referred to as PHI and is expressed mathematically as 1:1.618 (continuing on into infinity and never repeating). This ratio is found throughout nature and has been recognized as a fundamental component of all things that man has found aesthetically pleasing.

Until now, most designers did some complicated math calculations or labored over grids to use the golden section ration in their designs. The idea behind Atrise Golden Section is for you to use the golden section proportion visually over your preferred design software, such as Dreamweaver, Illustrator, etc. And in reality, that's what actually happens!

Once installed, Atrise Golden Section adds a resizable golden section grid overlay to the desktop. The grid floats on top of the design software window and after adjusting the dimensions, can assist you in creating elegant items and arranging the elements according to the grid lines. The program has multiple grid modes, including section grid, photo grid, and some advanced features, such as photo cropping, stocks analysis, etc.

New Atrise Golden Section has been upgraded to version 3.0 that adds several new types of grid modes thanks to which the application of the product became wider. The new grids include spirals, circle, centered section, borders, book, and triangles.

The best in Atrise software is that it doesn't only help you to apply the golden section proportion to the layout but it also develops your eye for finesse, the intuitive feeling for harmonious dimensions and geometry that you can use in photography or drawing.

Not long ago, this software was reserved only for the eyes of the designers at but now it's openly available to anyone for a small fee, $29.95.

Most people prefer the shape of the golden rectangle. Give harmony and unity to your design using Atrise Golden Section and people will love what you do!

Pricing & Availability

Atrise Golden Section 3.0 runs under Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, 2003, x64, Vista, Vista x64 and starts at $29.95 (US) for a personal license. Licensed users get free minor upgrades and lifetime technical support by email. Its free evaluation copy is available immediately through the Atrise website:

About was founded in 1999 by Andrew Revvo. Mr. Revvo is an independent software engineer and a member of OISV and Software Industry Professionals associations. specializes in web design software and web development tools and has customers in over 20 countries, including the world's largest corporations, such as AT&T, Red Hat and IBM. Its premier products are Atrise Everyfind, Atrise HTMLock, and Atrise Stealth. For more information, please visit


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